Job Description – Homeroom Teacher

Leads & Manages: None

Title: Homeroom Teacher

Work Location: School and home based

Reports To: Head of School


This appointment is made by the Head of School in consultation with the Principal after discussions with the teachers concerned. We consider the position of homeroom teacher to be vital in ensuring all children at RIS receive the support they need in order to be successful and happy members of the school and wider world, both now and in the future.

The homeroom teacher is the first point of contact between the parents and the school body and is also the first person that a child in the school should address their concerns to.

 It is the responsibility of the homeroom teacher to respond to any concerns or issues raised by the students themselves and/or parents/guardians.  If the homeroom teacher feels that they are unable to satisfactorily address any issues that arise, they should discuss this with either the relevant coordinator or the Head of School.

 As part of their work homeroom teachers are expected to fulfill the following operational requirements.


  •     Keep track of the students’ attendance and contact parents if the students are absent more than 2 consecutive days or without any notification from parents.
  •     Ensure that a record of absences and late-comings is kept in Toddle, with a supporting note detailing reasons and any authorization from parents received.  This record of attendance should be complete and available for any member of the administration to refer to at any given time.
  • Report to Head of School if there is any concern about the frequency of absences for individual students. 

Record Keeping

  •     Update and keep current, centrally stored information about students’ progress and behaviour.
  •     Communicate regarding conduct and punctuality to parents after the teachers have made a decision on this and keep a copy in the students’ files.
  •     Work with the ELT team and Pedagogical and Psychological Services (PPT) to ensure that all documentation regarding any students with inclusion needs is completed and updated regularly. Include writing or coordinating the Pedagogical Report, annual report and IEP when needed.

Homeroom Lessons

  •     Follow up on issues that arise during the regular day-to-day school experience
  •     Help to build understanding of the PYP and MYP as a whole and also awareness of the IB Learner Profile
  •     Promote and use RIS’s Threads, Pillars and Core Values to guide teaching and learning
  •     Work together to promote a mutually supportive atmosphere within the group, with each individual aware of their responsibility to the class, the people within it and its built environment.
  •     Support the development of  Approaches To Learning skills 
  •     Give the homeroom group the opportunity to discuss school concerns and proposals with their student council representatives, and give those representatives channels through which they can relay current discussions to the group in a positive way.


  •     Keep the coordinator(s) and other relevant members of the school staff informed of significant educational or personal developments that may affect a student within the homeroom group
  •     Respond within two working days to requests from parents for information regarding their child.
  •     Respect the confidential nature of information about students.
  •     Communicate with parents so that success can be celebrated and concerns met.
  •     Organise a class assembly as per schedule 
  •     Ensure the homeroom group is fully informed regarding information they should be aware of.


  •     Listen to any concerns that students bring
  •     Give advice when appropriate and bring any important issues that arise to the attention of the relevant subject teacher, coordinator or the Head of school, if it is felt that further action is necessary
  •     Follow-up on issues that have been brought up by students, parents or members of staff with particular attention to §9a
  •     Ensure that all issues of discipline are treated with consistency and that relevant measures are taken when necessary

Other expectations:

  • Welcome Back to School Parents Evening (August)
  • Attend residential trip
  • Organise and lead two Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences
  • (PYP) – Organise and lead two ´Sharing of Learning´ events with parents