“Agency is the power to take meaningful and intentional action, and acknowledges the rights and responsibilities of the individual, supporting voice, choice and ownership…”


IBO November 2017

independent thinking decision making

problem solving fixing mistakes

communication reflection

researching cooperation

responsibility commitment

Agency is a move towards a greater emphasis of providing more deliberate autonomy for our students, taking the lead in their learning. This leadership can be viewed as deliberate, independent decision making for one’s own success or within a group setting.

Agency is when our students have ownership of their own learning pathway and action that comes from that learning. Our job is to model this and facilitate opportunities with their learning that enable more active participation for the students.


The school is committed to actively engaging in research This is seen as one of the core responsibilities of the teaching profession and the school as a whole.

Each member of staff is expected to complete a research paper and submit it for internal, and possibly external, publication. The school has its own research journal for internal publication.