Our Community


Our students

The students at RIS come from a wide range of situations and circumstances. Whilst the majority of students come with some connection to Norway we are also an international school with students connected to over 30 countries from around the world.

We have a wide diversity of students coming from a huge range of cultural, linguistic, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds. This is considered one of the greatest strengths of the school.

The students in our care will be the guardians and leaders of our future society, a humbling responsibility.

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Our Families

Like the students at Romerike International School each and every family is unique.

Most of the families at RIS have one or both parents that are Norwegain. Some families are fully international and part of the global workforce and take advantage of the school’s international curriculum allowing them to move around the world with ease. Other families want to take advantage of the progressive internationally minded curriculum to challenge their children and prepare them for a competitive world.

RIS is an inclusive school and prides itself on providing a considerate, compassionate education to children of all abilities, an aspect that many families appreciate.

Our teachers

Teachers at RIS come from all over the world, with a vast range of educational experience and from the wider world.


Connie Pedraza


Grade 1


Nichola Montaigne


Head of Primary & Grade 2


Daniel Butters


Grade 3


Adam Atour


Grade 4


Alison Bull


Grade 5


Anne Maarud


Inclusion Coordinator


Dave Purcell


MYP English


Ericson Gutierrez


MYP Science


Henrique Caetano


Middle Years Programme Design


Susanna Andreassen


Individuals & Societies


Benjamin Ensrud




Madeleine Dolby


Art Drama & Norwegian


Vilde Kaunatjike Synnestvedt




Suzanne Rochette


SFO Leader


Wilhelm Daniel Valderrama


Head of Middle Years Program


Gladdys Cuadra


Assistant Teacher

Rachael Axon-romerikeis

Rachael Axon


Director of Sport & Outdoor Education


Billie the Dog

Reading Dog


Our Principal

The Board of Romerike International School is delighted to announce that it has appointed Mr Will Warren to be it’s founding Principal.

Mr Warren, for the last seven years, has been Head of Primary at Arendal International School, he is originally from England and has worked in schools in South Africa, Cayman Islands, Switzerland and Telemark.

He profoundly believes in the importance of seeing every child as unique, with individual needs. He aims to create an inclusive environment providing creative, challenging learning opportunities for all.

He can be contacted on wwarren@romerikeis.no or 98131586.

He is looking forward to hearing from you.


Our Board

Romerike International School was founded to serve the needs of families in Romerike.

The school is governed by a board consisting of representatives of the organizations that contributed to the establishment of the school. The school board meets several times a year and is responsible for the overall running of the school. All board members are active or retired leaders in their field locally and/or internationally.


Stephan Lange

Lawyer and partner in law firm Wiersholm


Gudbrand Johannes Qvale

Master in Economist, Communication consultant and organic farmer



Project Manager at NHO


Ole Kristian Kaurstad

DVM, CEO of Scanvacc AS



Business Manager Asker International School

Extra From Our Staff


Nichola and Connie, Primary Years program


A chat with the Head of Primary, Romerike Int.S.Norway


Daniel Valderrama, Head of Middle years program

Our Alumni

We look forward to seeing where the Alumni for RIS go next and to see the positive impact that they will have on both local and global communities.

We will be recording their stories here.


The RIS Internship Programme provides a supervised and meaningful working experience for university students through the Erasmus program and/or recent graduates. The school is also committed to helping those in need of a praksisplass, either through NAV or as part of a university placement.

We offer the unique opportunity to learn, share, and connect with our dedicated and innovative community. Interns also get the opportunity to be directly involved in real projects and exposed to multiple activities.

This is a two way relationship and we expect our interns to bring with them a wealth of experience and skills that the school can take advantage of.

The programme is designed for interns to learn, grow, and take action now. Having completed an internship participants will walk out with personal and professional growth, a network of like-minded professionals and a deeper understanding of education and the crucial role it has in developing a sustainable future

Internships are offered depending on the needs and capacity of our school.

Work at RIS

Following unforeseen circumstance Romerike International School finds itself needing a maths teacher, this is a timely and wonderful opportunity for someone.
Unless you are already in Norway only vaccinated candidates need apply.
Romerike International School is a new purpose-built school, 30 minutes north of Oslo, opening in August 2021
The school has appointed Will Warren to be its founding Principal and is now looking to recruit staff from Grades 1-10 both PYP and MYP.
This post provides a uniquely exciting opportunity to participate in defining the culture of a school so that it becomes seen as a valued servant to the local and global community.
The school will need to appoint both Lower and Upper Primary teachers as well as MYP subject teachers for Norwegian, Arts, English Language and Literature, Maths, Physical Education, Science, Spanish and Individuals & Societies.
Applications are welcomed from both experienced MYP teachers, as well as those looking to embrace an inquiry-based concept led pedagogy. Due to the small expanding nature of the school teachers may find themselves teaching more than one subject. There is additionally the potential for leadership positions to become available as the school develops.
The maximum size of the school at this time is limited to 200 students.
The school aims to complete its International Baccalaureate (IB) candidacy application as soon as legally possible.
Romerike International School is a part state-funded Friskole.
To apply for this position you will need to include:
An application letter
A copy of your CV with 3 references including current employer
Romerike International School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of students particularly in the area of Child Protection.
All appointments are subject to interview, identity checks, criminal record checks, and successful references.
All candidates with non-Norwegian qualifications will be required to have their qualifications recognised by the Norwegian state before they can be offered a permanent contract. Please see nokut.no/en/ for further information about this requirement.
Shortlisted candidates will be contacted.