Primary Years Programme


At RIS, the Primary Years Programme welcomes students from Grade 1-6.

The PYP allows for a Transdisciplinary approach to learning, which refers to learning that is not confined by traditional subjects, but conveys learning that has relevance between, across and beyond subjects. There are six globally and socially driven transdisciplinary themes, providing authentic learning experience allowing students to make connections to the world around them. Together a transdisciplinary approach and the transdisciplinary themes provide authentic, engaging, relevant and current learning.

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The PYP is inquiry and concept based. With this approach, students are invited to be actively involved in their own learning, a process that nurtures curiosity and promotes enthusiasm for life-long learning. Teachers and students collaborate to plan for inquiry, engaging with “big ideas” (concepts), through a wide range of practices, approaches and tools to spark interests, formulate questions, investigate and reflect. Inquiries lead students to responsible action and further inquiry.

The PYP recognises the importance of an inclusive learning community, where everyone has agency, sees themselves as contributors to its strength and success, and takes action to affect change.

At the heart of the PYP is the IB Learner Profile. The Learner Profile is a set of characteristics that develop throughout the IB Programme. The Learner Profile exemplifies the development of the whole student, and supports what we plan for our students to become: inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

Romerike International School will open your eyes to a truly global world of opportunity.

RIS will give our students the chance to engage and to lead in a sustainable world. We will have over 200 students from all over the globe, offering a progressive, research-based curriculum for Grade 1 to Grade 10. Recognising that everyone is unique and by defining individualised learning pathways, we support RIS students in our ever evolving world.