Principal’s Letter

Dear Parents,

Education is one of the rarest and most vital gifts a parent can give their child. The opportunity to educate your children is a precious privilege that brings with it a huge responsibility. Our goal is to help those in our care to become compassionate, creative and responsible leaders for today and tomorrow.

At Romerike International School (RIS) we will take this opportunity and responsibility extremely seriously. We aim to recognise the needs of your child and to act upon them. Our school will be a safe and warm environment with the highest of expectations for the students, the teachers and the parents.

The world we live in is fast-changing and dynamic, the need to prepare those in our care is critical to success. At RIS we recognise the need for a progressive, aware and holistic education that is outstanding. This education needs to be based on sound research and excellent practice.

A school should allow students to feel safe, comfortable and happy, a place of joy. We see it as our role to develop the children’s confidence and self-esteem in a compassionate and caring manner. Our students will become open-minded and questioning with the capacity to inquire into their world and make a positive contribution to our local and global community.

Romerike International School is a new school and this allows us to decide what our identity will be, we will all have a role to play in defining the culture of the school and how it will be valued. We will develop our traditions and values that will be in place for generations to come.

Anyone is welcome to apply to Romerike International School and join us on this exciting journey.

I look forward to the opportunity to meet you in the near future and I am always delighted to talk with any parent about their situation and what we might be able to offer at Romerike International School.

Anyone who would like to meet me is welcome to schedule a meeting using this link.

Yours faithfully,

Will warren sig

Mr Will Warren