Job Description – Coordinators

Title: Coordinator 40%

Leads & Manages: None

Work Location: School Based

Reports To: Head of School 

The appointee is a member of the management team of the school. The position is established in accordance with the IB requirements, together with the understanding that such a position is vital to the efficient and cohesive management of programmes provided by the school.

In addition to the programme management function, the position carries a requirement that this person will have vital input into the staff development programme and the appointee is part of the team responsible for this task in the school.

The principal function of the Programme Coordinators is to facilitate all aspects of the PYP/MYP programmes in a supervisory and practical capacity. The coordinator will provide leadership to staff and students in the development and management of the programmes and assist the staff and the Head of Schools in preparing the school for IB/UDIR approval.

Coordinators should be aware of the Norwegian School Environment Act and familiar with the School Environment Policy and should recognise the crucial role that they have to play in upholding its purpose. All students in primary and secondary schools have the right to a good physical and psychosocial environment promoting health, wellbeing and learning. All those in the school community have a duty to work for prevention and intervention regarding the school environment.


  • Ensure ongoing development and review of the written, taught and assessed curriculum according to IB principles and maintain records;
  • Provide information and support to school community about current IB principles and practices including documentation of workshop and training;
  • Plan and deliver induction programme for staff new to the programme;
  • Support teachers in collaborative planning, teaching and assessment strategies, ensuring that the standards for programme implementation are understood;
  • Take part in WELT meetings and decisions;
  • Promote teamwork and liaison within and across sections;
  • Contribute to the development and delivery of a balanced staff meeting schedule, addressing administrative issues, planning time and professional development opportunities;
  • Facilitate professional development of all staff with regard to IB principles and practices;
  • Make recommendations to the Head of School regarding further training of staff in off campus courses;
  • Make recommendations for the purchase of suitable resources to assist the teaching of the programmes;
  • Approve and assist with ordering materials or equipment
  • Identify local people and sites that can be used to support the programme;
  • Prepare and submit any documentation required for IB/UDIR approval;
  • Respond to requests for information from IB or other organizations such as government and local political officials regarding the programme.

Knowledge, Skills, Experience

  • Thorough knowledge and understanding of the principles, standards and practices of the programme;
  • Proven teaching ability within the IB framework;
  • Commitment to own personal professional development;
  • Effective time-management and organizational skills;
  • Experience in leading/facilitating groups, meetings, committees;
  • Effective interpersonal and communication skills as well as IT skills.

Core Behaviors


  • Maintain communication with IBAEM Regional Office and ensure that all IB-documentations are updated and at Head office well in time;
  • Ensure that teaching staff have access to all programme publications and are kept informed of relevant correspondence received from the IB;
  • Ensure that all staff have password access to the MyIB and encourage regular use;
  • Ensure that parents are well informed about the programme through online communication channels, information sessions, newsletters, curriculum handbooks etc.
  • Promote and facilitate effective communication within and across the IB programmes.


  • Through regular meetings ensure that:
    ○ the programmes implementation is in line with RIS policies
    ○ there is standardization of targets and that a similar range of assessment tools are used by teachers in each grade level
  • Facilitate effective peer support through release time for lesson observations/team teaching;
  • Promote liaison across the PY, MY and DP programmes to ensure continuity and coherence in the curriculum;
  • Contribute to the development and delivery of a balanced staff meeting schedule, addressing administrative issues, planning time and professional development opportunities.