Job Description – Head of School

Title: Head of School

Leads & Manages: Teachers, Coordinators and Assistant Teachers 

Work Location: School Based

Reports To: Principal 

In addition, the Head of School is required, in consultation and cooperation with the Principal, to carry out the following duties:

General Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Assist the Principal in carrying out the management and organization of tasks involved in running the school; e.g. the school board, Parent Committee, Abelia meetings, NIBS, national IB collaboration, preparing structural documentation about the school and national authorities (UDIR)
  2.  Deputize for the Principal in carrying out the full professional duties which are required.
  3. Support the Principal in the formation and implementation of a school-wide strategic plan
  4. Encourage an atmosphere of continuing professional development through being an innovator and a catalyst for new ideas, inspiring and motivating others. To act as a facilitator, enabling teachers, and teams of teachers within the school, to share ideas and best-practice, and seek to continually improve the quality of teaching and learning that takes place across all years.
  5.  Assist the Principal in the annual budget preparations and the continuous financial management of the school
  6.  Development of groups of staff within the school, including auxiliary and part time staff.
  7.  Ensure effective communication and organize and implement systems and procedures for the daily running of the school
  8.  Ensure the school environment and shared areas are tidy and representative of the school ethos.
  9.  Advise and participate in the recruitment of staff.
  10.  Support the coordinators with the implementation of the academic and pastoral programs
  11.  Support the coordinators in ensuring that the standards of the programme is efficiently and correctly implemented
  12.  Ensure efficient administration of policies and handbooks
  13.  Ensure that relevant policies and procedures with regard to student discipline, conduct, and attendance are communicated to students, staff, and parents
  14.  Carry out the responsibilities of the coordinators in case of absences
  15.  Create, store and provide necessary school-wide documentation in relation institutions such as UDIR, IBO and fylkesmannen
  16.  Report to the board annually giving a State of the Programme.