Health and Safety Policy

HEALTH AND SAFETY at Romerike International School (RIS)


As the employer of staff, Romerike International School has overall responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of staff and students in the academy. RIS recognises that decisions about workplace health and safety should take account of the views and
priorities of the workforce as well as the management. When workers are actively engaged in health and safety, the end result is fewer accidents and less ill health. Although overall accountability for health and safety lies with RIS, day-to-day responsibility for the health and safety of staff and students is delegated to the Principal, who in turn will delegate particular functions to other staff, in particular the School Business Manager.

1. General Statement of Intent

The Board of Romerike International School undertakes to meet fully its responsibilities in regards to health and safety legislation, to provide a safe and healthy working environment for employees and others, such as students, visitors and contractors. The Board will ensure that effective consultation takes place with all employees on health and safety matters and that all individuals are consulted before particular health and safety responsibilities are delegated to them. Where necessary, the Board will seek specialist advice to determine the risks to health and safety in the establishment and the precautions required to deal with them. The school will ensure provision of sufficient information and training in health and safety matters to all employees in respect of the risks to their health and safety. All employees must follow instructions to ensure the maintenance of high standards of health and safety in all activities.


2. Responsibilities of the Board

The Board will ensure that:

  • The Principal produces a school health and safety policy for approval and adoption
    by the school.
  • Suitable and sufficient risk assessments of work activities are undertaken and a
    written record of the assessments is kept.
  • Sufficient funding is allocated for health and safety e.g. in respect of training,
    personal protective equipment etc.
  • Regular safety inspections are undertaken.
  • Concern reports are considered and acted upon.
  • A positive health and safety culture is established and maintained.

2.2 Responsibilities of the Principal

The Principal is responsible for day to day overall management of health and safety at the school.

The Principal will ensure that:

  • A health and safety policy is produced for approval by the Board and that the policy is regularly reviewed and revised as necessary.
  • Suitable and sufficient risk assessments of work activities are undertaken, that a written record of the assessments is kept and that the assessments are reviewed or upon change in circumstances.
  • For high risk activities, safe systems of work are identified via a risk assessment.
  • Information and advice on health and safety is acted upon and circulated to community.
  • Regular inspections are carried with concerns submitted.
  • Staff are competent to undertake the tasks required of them and have been provided with appropriate training by competent persons.
  • Staff are provided with equipment or other resources to enable their work to be undertaken safely.
  • Those who receive delegated responsibilities are competent; their responsibilities are clearly defined, they have received appropriate training and are provided with equipment or other resources in order to ensure they can fulfil such duties.
  • Appropriate tasks are delegated to the School Business Manager and other premises staff.

2.3 Responsibilities of Head of Primary and Head of Middle School

  • Head of Primary and Head of Middle School may be required to undertake any of the
    Principal’s duties which have been reasonably delegated to them which may include
    responsibility for health and safety management.

2.4 Responsibilities of the School Business Manager

The Operations Manager will ensure that:

  • Safe means of access and egress are maintained.
  • The premises are kept clean and that adequate welfare facilities are provided.
  • Safe working arrangements are in place when contractors are working on the premises.
  • Adequate security arrangements are maintained.
  • Adequate fire safety arrangements are implemented.
  • Regular testing and maintenance of electrical equipment, including portable equipment, takes place.
  • Adequate systems are in place for the control of legionella.
  • All premises-related accidents/incidents are recorded and investigated.

2.5 Responsibilities of all Employees

Implementation of the policy is a management responsibility but the co-operation of all employees is essential.

All staff employed by the academy will act responsibly to ensure that:

  • They are familiar with, and comply with, the Health and Safety Policy.
  • They take reasonable care for their health and safety at work and that of other persons who might be affected by their acts or omissions both at work and during off-site activities.
  • They report immediately, to the Principal or to their line manager any serious or immediate danger of which they become aware.
  • They report immediately, or as soon as practicable, any defects noted with plant, equipment, machinery or the workplace generally to the Principal or to their line manager.
  • There is no misuse of anything that has been provided for health and safety purposes.
  • They use the correct equipment and tools for the job and any protective equipment that may be supplied.
  • That they engage with the creation of, read and understand risk assessments as required.

2.6 Responsibilities of all Students

All students will be encouraged to follow safe working practices and observe safety rules.

All students will:

  • Follow all instructions issued by any member of staff in case of emergency.
  • Ensure that they do not recklessly or intentionally interfere with safety equipment, for example, fire extinguishers and fire alarms.
  • Inform a member of staff of any situation which may affect their safety or that of other students or staff.