Job Description – Principal

Title: Principal

Leads & Manages: Heads of Schools and School Business Manager

Work Location: School Based

Reports To: School Board 


The Principal has the overall responsibility for the school operation. She/he shall establish and achieve the school´s objectives by efficient use of resources to ensure compliance with overall strategy, objectives, budgets and policies as well as local and national regulations. She/he leads the Education Leadership Team, and is responsible for the overall educational and institutional leadership of the school. She/he works closely with the Board and is responsible for carrying out Board policy.

General Responsibilities

  1. Policy
  2. Educational leadership
  3. Coordination of management
  4. Personnel
  5. Promotion and representation
  6. School development
  7. Liaison and reporting.
  8. Other duties.

1. Policy

  • Together with the Board, ensure that the school’s policies are in line with its vision and mission, and that they facilitate an ethos and a strategic direction.
  • Ensure that the school’s policies comply with Norwegian Law and, in particular, the requirements of the Friskole Act, the Education Act, and the Working Environment Law.
  •  Ensure that the school’s practices comply with its policies.
  • Develop and review policies on a regular basis, and as required.
  • Ensure that policies are available to the school’s stakeholders 

2. Educational leadership


  • The Principal shall, together with the Heads of Schools, oversee the school’s educational provisions to ensure that the wider curriculum and the school culture reflect the school’s vision and mission, and that the school’s educational philosophy is aligned with that defined by the board.
  • Together with the Heads of Schools, ensure that the school’s educational provisions are in line with the best international practices.
  • Together with the Heads of Schools, ensure that procedures are in place to account for the effectiveness of the school’s educational provisions.

3. Coordination of management


  • Coordinate the school’s administration and ensure efficient management systems are in place to provide a framework for high standards in every aspect of the school’s operations.
  • Monitor and evaluate the work of the Heads of Schools. Follow up closely on specific objectives established at Professional Development Meetings, as well as motivating and developing according to needs, in order to improve the school’s overall performance.

4. Personnel


  • Work closely with the Heads of Schools on annual staffing plans, and recruitment packages to ensure the school attracts qualified and experienced staff that support the schools mission and academic programmes.
  • Ensure that the school complies with all laws and regulations relating to employment matters.
  • Take responsibility for the assignment of administrative support staff and for matters relating to their performance and professional welfare.
  • Ensure that the school has adequate measures in place for the professional development of all staff.

5. Promotion and representation


  • Together with the ELT and other members of the administration, coordinate measures to market and promote the school.
  • Participate in building relationships between the school, business, local organizations, government, and other potential supporters and partners.
  • Represent the school locally, nationally and internationally at events, conferences, meetings and on other occasions.
  • Speak on behalf of the school on any occasion when the media is involved, unless otherwise directed by the Board.

6. School development


  • With the Board and the ELT, take responsibility for leading the school towards the formation and maintenance of a strategic plan for its development.
  • Ensure that the school’s policies and practices are in line with its strategic development plan.

8. Liaison and reporting


  • Work with the educational authorities on both the local, regional and national levels to ensure the best possible framework for the school, and cooperate with these agencies in promoting a better understanding for private schools and international schools in particular.
  • Attend all meetings of the Board unless specifically excluded in the case of decisions on his or her salary.
  • Report to the Board on a regular basis, ensuring in particular that members are well informed on all matters over which the Board has legal responsibility.

9. Other duties


  • Carry out such other duties and responsibilities as the Board may from time to time assign, if such duties are consistent with those normally associated with the position of a Principal of an international school.